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As the Center for Ethics in the College of Human Medicine develops its new strategic plan, the Department of Philosophy is exploring ways to integrate our distinctive brand of “Engaged Philosophy” into the mission of the Center so that we can re-establish an international leadership position in bio-ethics and medical humanities. Our vision of “engaged philosophy,” a practice that brings philosophical methods and resources into reciprocal dialogue with communities to help redress practical issues of concern to society at large, dovetails well with the community-based medicine that has long been practiced by the College of Human Medicine. Initial conversations between the colleges suggest that a coordinated and targeted hiring strategy would elevate the academic reputations of the Center for Ethics and the Department of Philosophy. Identifying a leader for the Center who could advance our commitments to community-based participatory research in the ethics of genomics and precision health, and a senior member of the Philosophy Department whose research focus is on complementary feminist approaches to bio-ethics would provide synergistic strengths that would enable us to re-establish our leadership in bio-ethics and medical humanities.