The CCTF applauds the ​CAL resource page​ as a real example of a culture of care, and suggest a similar resource page be created students and for employees. The resources collected by the CCTF should also be included on this page. The CCTF suggests that open letters authored by a variety of CAL community members be included on this page to create a more inclusive atmosphere.

CAL’s assistance and commitment to student basic needs are also a place where empathy can be made more obvious and be expanded with intentional information related to the MSU Food Bank, the CAL Emergency Fund, and other resources. The CCTF recommends that these resources be made more visible to students and employees new to CAL. Students do not always realize that they may be eligible for non-academic assistance and can feel anxious about asking their academic resources (faculty, advisors, department staff, etc) for such help.

The CCTF has several suggestions on how we might be able to celebrate where cultures of care exist in CAL:

  • Large art installation where people can share examples of a culture of care by writing or posting their gratitude in a central location.
  • Departmental bulletin boards where such examples could be posted is a similar idea on a smaller scale.
  • Similar to the Humans of New York project, collect stories, photos or interviews of people who have been affected by a culture of care.
  • CAL video stories of care for use on CAL and department websites.