Art Education

Art education occupies the overlap between visual expression and social responsibility. An integrated, compound discipline, it requires intensive training in studio art and art history while reaching beyond art and education for its resources. The social and cognitive sciences provide a framework through which contemporary issues in visual culture and the transmission of cultural knowledge are explored.

All course work has an accompanying practicum, designed to provide preservice teachers with the means to examine and apply their knowledge in a field setting.

What can I do with Art Education?

Graduates pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of fine arts, history and human behavior.

Alumni work at:

Durham Arts Council

REACH Art Studio

Museum of Contemporary Art


SHI International Corp.

3e International School

Public and Private Universities

Public and Private Schools

Alumni work as:


Professors of Ceramics

Fine Art Instructors

Gallery Owners


Floral Managers

Program Coordinators