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What differentiates the College of Arts & Letters at Michigan State University from other liberal arts colleges at R1 universities is the extraordinary impact we make at home and around the world by combining the core strengths of a liberal arts education with a sophisticated understanding of emerging modes of scholarship, communication, and creative activity in a digital age.

Our endeavors are bold and transformative. They can be accomplished by investments that align with the values embodied in the strategic plan articulated here. At the heart of this plan is an investment in people, as attracting, retaining, and cultivating talent is the essential ingredient we need to move the College from a position of national prominence to one of national leadership. The priorities and strategies outlined here will chart a course that positions the College of Arts & Letters at the heart of the mission of Michigan State University to educate a new generation of citizen scholars capable of solving the world’s most challenging social, cultural, and ethical problems and enriching the lives of communities at home and abroad.