We put people first!

CPIL Values

Our Values are CAL Values

Equity – Through a variety of resources and programming, we strive to be inclusive of all faculty as well as academic and support staff. Whether it is onboarding, accessing mentoring or training, or helping others to cultivate their path to intellectual leadership (CPIL). 

Openness – We strive to make our processes, college, and MSU policies as open and transparent as possible. 

Community – We value collaborative work, listening, sharing and taking seriously the ideas of all in the college whatever their position or background. By fostering leaders in all places and in all positions we do our best work as a community for ourselves, for the college, and for MSU. 

Culture of Care 

Just like the Culture of Care our team initiatives work to sustain inclusive practices as part of the work we do across all areas of endeavor, including teaching, scholarship, service, governance, leadership, professional development, and administration.

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