Staff of the College of Arts & Letters serve as staff representatives on various college-level councils and committees, and they work collectively on staff committees and project teams to continually improve the processes, work environment, and culture of the College.

The College Advisory Council is made up of Faculty and Staff from within the College of Arts & Letters who serve as an advisory board to the Dean. The current College Advisory Committee Staff Representative is Sarah Jackson.

The College Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is a consultative body that serves as a liaison between CAL staff, faculty, and administration. The mission of the Staff Advisory Council is to center the needs of College support staff while collaborating to improve the experience of those working in the College of Arts & Letters. The current chair of the Staff Advisory Council is Brian DeVries and the vice chair is Sarah Jackson.

The CALConnect Content Collaborator Committee (CALCON5) is comprised of Support Staff Members who are working to create a one-stop resource for all things CAL.
The current chair of the CALConnect Content Collaborator Committee is Leann Dalimonte.

The College Graduate Committee (CGC) reviews and finds solutions to improve the graduate experience within the College of Arts & Letters.
The current College Graduate Committee Staff Representative is LouAnne Snider.

The College Inclusive Practices Committee (CIPC) is tasked with assessing, creating, and initiating efforts surrounding Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Justice. This committee is comprised of College of Arts & Letters Administrators, Faculty, Support Staff, and Graduate Students.
The current College Inclusive Practices Committee Staff Representative is Jennifer Tetreau.

The Digital Transformation Committee (DX) is tasked with evaluating technology solutions with the goal of creating efficiencies within the College of Arts & Letters.
The current chair of the Digital Transformation Committee is Melissa Staub.

The Institutional Diversity: Excellence in Action (IDEA) committee is a University-wide team made up of Faculty and Staff members from various academic units.
For more information about the IDEA Committee, contact Melissa Del Rio.

The Staff Appreciation Planning/Awards Committees convene during the Spring Semester of every academic year to plan the Staff Appreciation in-service and to select the recipient of the College of Arts & Letters staff awards.  The Committee’s Coordinator is Deb Mansel.

The Data Team is building a knowledgebase of data systems within the university as well as designing strategies for data collection and data dissemination to the College’s decision-making bodies.  The current chair of the Data Team is Leann Dalimonte.

The HR SharePoint Team is exploring the option of using SharePoint as a collaborative file management system for documents pertaining to human resources and personnel files.  The current chair of the HR SharePoint Team is Melissa Staub.

The Streamline Access Team is working to standardize the process of providing access to new employees, including computer systems and office and meeting spaces which are necessary to function effectively in his or her role.  The current chair of the Streamline Access Team is Carly Ensign.

The Tracy Time Project Team has been tasked with implementing a new time tracking system for the College of Arts & Letters.
The current chair of the Tracy Time Project Team is Brian DeVries.

The Travel Project Team has a goal of piloting the new Concur travel system in June of 2019.
The current chair of the Travel Project Team is Penny Shanks.