Faculty members in the College of Arts and Letters have gained an international reputation for the quality of their research and teaching. In the spirit of the university’s core land-grant values, which prize both quality and accessibility, our vibrant intellectual and artistic community leads the way in providing arts and humanities programs that serve the campus community and communities throughout Michigan and beyond. test

The below documents, processes, and frequently asked questions are imperative in assisting the dynamic faculty, chairs or directors in your unit.

Quick Links to frequently used Forms and Processes

Controllers Office – Training Materials & Guides


Decision Trees
Contractual Services Decision Tree (DV or PO)
NRA-PSC Decision Tree Flow

Procurement Guidebook
(Determine right buying method)

Consultant (Independent Contractor Form ($2500 – $25,000 (needs PO) US Citizens Only

Educational Assistance Program (MSU HR)
Support Staff – Educational assistance benefits and eligibility
Non-Credit courses
Credit courses
Conference fees
Course Fee Courtesy

Educational Assistance Application

Educational Assistance Financial Statement Details tool
Questions contact Julie Rorick at coursefeecourtesy@hr.msu.edu

East Lansing Tax Letter Request Form
Link to request letter

Event Support Request Form (food orders, room reservations, swag orders, guest travel & Lodging)
Usage Chart for Events, Pcard and Travel Cards


Nonresident Alien Personal Service Contract (NRAPSC)

W8-BEN (International Individual)
W8-BEN Instructions
W8-BEN-E (International Business)
W8-BEN_E Simplified instructions for vendor
Wire Transfer Form (International Vendors)

International Instructions:
International Summary of Requirement for Payments to Nonresident Aliens – Scroll to Exhibit 77-A

International Exhibits/Forms – Scroll to VII

Payments to Non-US Citizens and International Vendors
Paying Foreign Entities & Individuals (which lines to complete)

Domestic (US)
W9 (US Vendors Individual/Business)

Paymode_X (Direct Deposit for Businesses
Independent Services Contract (US) $2500-$25,000

MBP for Independent Contractors for US Citizens & Resident Aliens

Human Resources
New Summer Rates 2024 – 2026
Student Hire request form

Temp on call Hiring request form

IT Services
IT Related Purchase Visual Guide (Do I need a PO or not
MSU Approved Software List
IT Readiness form to complete

Meeting Room Reservations
Meeting Room Reservation Policy
How to book a Wells Hall Meeting Room

Membership form (needs DDC signature)

Office Hours
Office Operations Office Hours Zoom Tuesday and Fridays 10-11:30 am
Research Team Post Award Office Zoom
Hours Every Tuesday 1 – 2 pm

Payments (Invoices, Reimbursements, PO Requests)
Pay an invoice
PO Request (any kind)

Closing a PO

Chart for Event Card, Pcard and Travel Card

Procurement (Pcard) Information

Pcard training videos
Request Pcard (Watch Purchasing Video Trainings)

Request Pcard (Sign agreement and send to calfin@msu.edu)

Training Video – Email notification (after your purchases)

Training Video – Adding Accounting String and Line Description

Training Video – Adding Note Text/Business Purpose and Uploading Receipts

Supplies order form request

Swipe Access
Swipe Access Request

Tax Exempt Letter
Tax Exempt Letter for Sales & Use Tax Exempt Status dated 01/1/2023

Team Charts
Finance Team Chart

Applying for Travel Card
Guest Travel request form

Schedule appointment for Travel Assistance (uses outlook)

ravel at State Reference Library
Usage Chart for Event Card, Pcard and Travel Card

Website Updates
Website updates, event promotion and social media push request




Updated: CAL Academic Administrator Companion [PDF]


College Committees

University Committees

Faculty Support


Faculty Onboarding

Faculty Development


Faculty Support for Students




Fixed-Term and Continuing System Academic Specialists


Fixed-Term System Faculty


Tenure-System Faculty

Chair/Director Support


Chair/Director Onboarding




For the Faculty


College Policies

MSU Policies

Functional Staff Teams – Unit Contacts

In the summer of 2021, the College of Arts & Letters migrated to a Functional Staff Team Model to better enhance effectiveness and efficiency within our units. Each unit is assigned a functional staff team who the faculty can reach out for finance, HR, academic operations, and office operations support. Those units with the Functional Staff Team Model  are listed below with staff contacts.