Linguistics is the scientific study of language, not simply the study of many languages. Students become adept at noticing what people say, aware of the unconscious choices implicit in this and able to provide a rigorous explanation of how such choices are made.

Linguistics is one of the principal areas of cognitive science and is closely allied with many other fields of study, including cognitive psychology, speech and language pathology, the social sciences, education, computer science, philosophy and the study of particular languages.

What can I do with Linguistics?

Graduates in linguistics pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of speech, language and social sciences.

Alumni work at:

Peace Corps

Spivak Lipton

U.S. Department of Transportation

Random House

Nuance Communications


Refugee Development Center

Alumni work as:

Civil Rights Managers

Content Developers

Nonprofit Program Coordinators

Legal Assistants

Speech Language Pathologists

Operations Directors

Technical Writers