Portrait of a smiling man with short gray hair and glasses wearing a suit

The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent cultural reckoning with racism have reinforced the importance not only of returning to the core values that animate the work of the College of Arts & Letters (CAL), but also of the disciplined commitment to put those values into practice as we navigate this unprecedented period of trauma and transformation. In responding to the challenges of the current situation, we in the College of Arts & Letters have returned to the core values that emerged out of our Fall 2018 values-based strategic planning process in which all units articulated the values that would shape their work.

Drawing on the values articulated in the units, College leadership identified the following three core values:

  • Equity – inclusivity, diversity, social justice, equitable access, accessibility
  • Openness – transparency, open process, candor, accountability, open source
  • Community – collaboration, collegiality, empathy, respect, connection

These values shaped our 2020 Contingency Plan created in the wake of the move to remote learning, teaching, and working. Developed in dialogue with our Chairs, Directors, Staff, and Faculty the Contingency Plan is shaped by four principles:

  1. Put People First
  2. Enact our Commitment to Equity
  3. Advance our Core Academic Mission
  4. Lead Transformative Change

In what follows, we organize our accomplishments this year with these four principles.