Office of Research Funding Opportunities

Under this heading, you will find information and internal and external research-related funding opportunities, including the College Faculty International Travel (CFIT) program.

College Engaged Pedagogy and Programming Grant

The College of Arts & Letters invites proposals from its teaching faculty members to assist with efforts to fund external speakers working at the intersections of the study of race, class, gender and sexuality and/or to support engagement with off-campus communities. The goal of this program is to foster intersectional studies course development and implementation grounded in engaged student learning and college community-building.

College Administrative Professional Development Grant

High quality leadership requires the acquisition of new knowledge and the building of new networks locally, regionally, and nationally. To this end, the College of Arts & Letters encourages all faculty to take advantage of workshops and other training opportunities made available to interested faculty or (aspiring) administrators by the Academic Advancement Network. In addition, new and newish leaders are encouraged to get out and connect with other leaders in their area. As department travel money is often targeted at research and creativity productivity, these grants provide help in funding leadership development.

CAL Ad-Hoc Funding Request

The College often receives ad-hoc funding requests from tenure and non-tenure stream faculty and academic staff for programming or events that benefit a range of students, staff, and faculty. In order to create an equitable, open, and transparent process to evaluate such request and administer funds, we have created these evaluation criteria. If another source of funding exists in the College that is more appropriate for the request, applicants will be directed to apply to that fund and not be funded through an ad-hoc request.