The CCTF discussed how CAL might reward the labor and good citizenship of students and faculty. We suggest a deeper examination and redefinition of service to include and reward a commitment to active empathy through faculty initiatives and programming. The CCTF recommends incentivizing care through fellowships for faculty and scholarships for students who have ideas related to or who have modeled active empathy. CAL’s current focus on Citizen Scholars and the Excel Network could incorporate intentional language and activities that promote and expand a culture of care. The CCTF recommends building language and activities related to a culture of care into AL 101, experiential learning, and department capstone courses as well as rewarding emotional intelligence that encourages empathy within existing courses.These would contain explicit learning goals that model a culture of care. Perhaps CAL or the CCTF could create suggested syllabus language and/or pedagogical strategies that promote the ideals necessary for active empathy. This will be particularly useful in training graduate students who are first learning how to teach.