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The CCTF in its short time has examined the college-wide issue of a culture of care, but the real work has only just begun. These recommendations are not fully developed but if the CAC feels that the work should continue; we in the CCTF and many others in CAL will be ready to serve and support this important topic that can positively affect the well-being and productivity of the citizens of the College of Arts and Letters.

Respectfully submitted,

Current Culture of Care Task Force
Alexis Black (fixed-term faculty, Theatre)
Chantel Booker (undergraduate student, AAHD)
Cara Cilano (tenure-system professor and chair, English)
Carly Kabel (staff member, Secretary III, LiLaC)
Amy Lampe (academic specialist, fixed-term, Dean’s Office—Theatre/Philosophy)
Ben Lauren (tenure-system assistant professor, WRAC)
Xhercis Méndez (consultant)
Carter Page (undergraduate student, English)
Gregory Rogel (graduate student, Philosophy)
Rob Roznowski (tenure-system professor, Theatre)
LouAnne Snider (staff member, Graduate Secretary, AAHD)
Kate Sonka (academic specialist, continuing system, Dean’s Office)