Film Studies

Film studies engages students in the history, theory and production of world cinema. The bachelor of arts in film studies examines cinema globally across a range of industrial and artisanal contexts and encourages students to understand cinema as an art, business and technology. Through minors in fiction filmmaking and documentary production, students can also develop the practical and critical skills necessary today in all areas of the creative arts.

With this innovative training, graduates have gone on to a wide range of careers that utilize and depend on the moving image, from film production, digital distribution and film criticism to arts management, educational programming and public affairs work.

What can I do with Film Studies?

Graduates in film studies pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of creativity, art and cinema.

Alumni work at:

Walt Disney

Color Force Productions

Cast It Talent

Michigan Creative

Entertainment Tonight


Michigan AFL-CIO

Alumni work as:


Production Assistants

Production Coordinators

Project Managers

Video Producers/Managers


Video Communications Specialists