Interdisciplinary Humanities

This major is one of MSU’s most flexible liberal arts majors. Students work closely with their academic adviser to craft a self-designed major based on either a triad or area studies model.

For advising assistance for this major, please see the College of Arts & Letters Advising Page

Students have used this major to develop personal programs of study related to particular cultures or regions of the world, to focus on specific time periods or to develop broad liberal arts skills relevant to career objectives in public relations, human services, arts management, medicine, international diplomacy and business.

What can I do with Interdisciplinary Humanities?

Graduates in interdisciplinary humanities pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of arts, humanities and communications.

Alumni work at:

JP Morgan Chase

Peace Corps

World Bank

Blue Sky Agency

Piper and Gold Public Relations

Union Pacific Railroad

Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Alumni work as:

Social Media Managers

Communications Coordinators

Principal Strategists

International Travel Coordinators

Communications and Marketing Managers

Corporate Security Officers

Food Justice Coordinators