College of Arts & Letters – AY Faculty

Tenure system faculty members appointed prior to January 1, 1992 who meet the retirement eligibility requirements may serve their final year before retirement on a terminal consultantship basis with agreed upon duties involving at least a half-time assignment provided there were no compensated leaves in the five years immediately prior to retirement.

  • A consultantship can only be one year full pay but with 50% work assignment. Anything else is not an official consultantship.
  • Effective dates of retirement either 5/16 (standard date) or 1/1. Special date of 8/16 if teaching the summer after the consultantship.
Consultantship agreements must include:
  1. Dates of consultantship.
  2. Effective retirement begin date.
  3. Outline of proposed duties during the period.
  4. Statement that this will be a one-year full pay with half time assignment.
  5. Signature of faculty, agreement should include signature lines for chair and Dean.

Send Consultantship Agreement to Sonja Fritzsche, Associate Dean for Academic Personnel & Administration.

The faculty member will need to submit their own retirement form with all approvals via SAP and attach the signed Consultantship Agreement to the Retirement Form.

At the end of the consultantship period, a report on the accomplishments is to be submitted to the department chairperson/school director or dean of a non-departmentally organized college within thirty (30) days of the completion.

Consultantship Information:
  • Standard effective date of retirement is 5/16 or 1/1. If they are teaching summer after consultantship (see last bullet below) then the effective retirement date will be 8/16.
  • Dates of consultantship for the academic year will be 8/16/XX-5/15/XX.
  • If faculty will be teaching the summer following the consultantship. The faculty will need to state in the comment box on the SAP retirement form that they are requesting a special retirement date of 8/16 because they will be teaching summer courses. Provost will need to approve this request after they submit.