1. Faculty member makes request in writing for transfer to College Dean;
  2. College Dean forwards request to respective departments;
  3. Departments consider request in accordance with process and procedure outlined in department bylaws;
  4. Receiving Department Chair notifies Dean in writing of the Department’s decision whether to recommend transfer of faculty member or not;
  5. Memorandum of Agreement is drawn up outlining any arrangements made between the two departments regarding teaching or other arrangements and the effective date. Agreement is signed by the faculty member, both chairs and the Dean of the College;
  6. A CHANGE OF STATUS action should be initiated by the primary department to remove XX department and to add XX department. Please make sure a comment is included in the comments section of the form to CHANGE THE TENURE HOME, as this will be a 2nd step that is processed manually by the HR Operations team.

Revised 3.15.18