The college provides a computer to all faculty and staff members working within the college. Each year the technology advisory committee releases a set of standard issue computers for the coming year. If a faculty or staff member determines they need a different computer than the standard provided by the college, he or she may request an exception by following the process below.

  1. Faculty/Staff interested in requesting an exception should contact the CAL technology help desk ( to work on specific needs and to generate a quote for the exception. Note: Computer must meet minimum specifications of base model.
  2. The faculty/staff member will provide a written rationale for the specific computing needs that are not met by the standard computer specifications to their department chair. The rationale will also include a quote including the exact specifications of the computer as well as the total price of the requested exception. 
  3. If the department chair supports the request, he/she will forward the request including acknowledgment of department support and pledge to contribute 50% of the costs over the standard model for that type/group of computer to the office of the Assistant Dean for Technology and Innovation.
  4. The request will be considered with input from members of the College Technology Advisory Committee.
  5. The faculty/staff member and the department chair will be notified whether the exception has been granted.

 In order to start the process of an exception request please download the computing exception request document.