Lindsey Murante

Lindsey Murante, Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2004, is a Manager for the Manifest Service, Union Pacific Railroad, working within the Marketing and Sales department.

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Brian Stonestreet

Scroll through the IMDB of MSU Theatre alumnus Brian Stonestreet and you will be in awe. As one of the most sought-after production designers in Hollywood and around the world, Stonestreet has electrified live audiences and TV viewers for more than a decade.

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Andrea Eckert

They call it “Core City.” Maybe you have heard of it. In fact, if you have ever driven on Michigan Avenue in Southwest Detroit, you have cut right through. Most of its current residents have been here for years, even generations. The community is one that prides itself on hard work, grit, resilience, and helping those in need.

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