Lindsey Murante

Lindsey Murante

Location: Omaha, NE

Position, Organization: Manager – Manifest Service, Union Pacific Railroad

Major/Graduation: Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2004

Why I came to MSU:       

“I chose MSU because it has a great sense of community pride. Meeting other people and gaining exposure to different cultures was life changing. The College of Arts & Letters (CAL) provides an inclusive culture and promotes learning from various viewpoints and backgrounds, which is essential in today’s world.”

What I currently do:       

“I am currently working within the Marketing and Sales department on the Customer Experience Manifest Service Solutions Team at Union Pacific Railroad. I work with a cross-functional team that reviews opportunities aimed at improving the customer experience.  We accomplish that goal by driving key metrics and process-improvement initiatives related to our manifest service.”       

What should students be prepared for?

“When joining the workforce after college, students should be prepared to work very hard while maintaining a great attitude and demonstrating superior communication skills. You have to prove yourself because the professional landscape has never been more competitive.”

What should a current student take advantage of while here at MSU?

“I would encourage college students to maximize their engagement with Career Services as early as possible in their college career, whether it be resume critiquing or on-campus employer meet and greets.  Also, students should to take advantage of internship opportunities. Most recent graduates I have met have had at least two internships, which seems to be the new baseline.”

My CAL degree has taught me the power of adaptability and provided me with the fundamentals to drive change effectively.

How has your major helped with your success?

“My CAL degree has taught me the power of adaptability and provided me with the fundamentals to drive change effectively. 

I learned throughout my career that organizations are hungry for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, like those you experience in the CAL.  A CAL degree is a key point of differentiation between others in the job market or with whom you may be competing with in an interview.  As a CAL graduate, don’t forget to sell your unique abilities on your resume, and in interviews, exemplifying how they truly do set you a part.  Remember, performance is not only about results, but the thought process and logic that you use to address your work.”

Your advice to students:              

“Be open to all career opportunities that may come your way, and remember that networking is key.  After I graduated, I involved myself with the MSU Alumni Club (MSUAA) in Chicago, IL and now in Omaha, NE.  Through the MSUAA, I was able to network and learn about opportunities that I may not have otherwise known about or considered, including my current job here, at Union Pacific Railroad. Get involved with the MSUAA after graduation.  Spartans love helping Spartans, as do I!”