Conversations with CAL: Dr. Jon Frey, Director of MSU Excavations at Isthmia

What happens when the modern digital age meets the ancient? How can we use the tools of tomorrow to explore the worlds of yesterday? In this Conversations with CAL presentation, we will examine the unique work of Dr. Jon Frey, Professor of Classical Studies at MSU and field archeologist specializing in Greek and Roman architecture.

Frey serves as Director of the MSU Excavations at Isthmia, a project he has been involved in since 2006. This project has helped to increase accessibility to the study and practice of archaeology through the use of digital technology — utilizing modern tools like drones, GPS, and 3D interactive models. This practice of digital archaeology has allowed Frey to share his work with students on campus and other researchers and archaeologists back home. Inspired by his own undergraduate experience, Frey also pairs his work with a yearly summer MSU study abroad program in Greece.

Learn more about Dr. Frey’s experiences in his conversation on modern excavation, how technology has influenced how he shares his findings, and how to get involved with his study abroad program.