CAL in the Classroom

Alumni and retired faculty and staff had the opportunity to attend a virtual event on November 7 where attendees got an insider’s look at the research and education of MSU’s College Arts & Letters while networking with fellow alumni, faculty, and students.

Called CAL in the Classroom, the program was taught by current College of Arts & Letters faculty and included five featured talks. Full sessions are available in the video above. The following was the agenda for the event:

Talk #1
Why Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Matter

Presented by Jonathan Choti, Professor of African Languages in the Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages.

Talk #2
Innovations in Modern Choreography: Intimacy for the Stage

 Presented by Alexis Black, Assistant Professor of Movement in the Department of Theatre.

Talk #3
Seeing Is Believing: The Curious Case of the Contested Image of Elvira Eliza Field

Presented by Amy DeRogatis, Professor of Religion and American Culture in the Department of Religious Studies.

Talk #4
Babylon Revisited: History, Memory, and Forgetting in Psalm 13:7

Presented by David Stowe, Professor in the Department of Religious Studies.

Talk #5
Archive of Malian Photography: Supporting the Preservation & Accessibility of Photographic Archives in Mali, West Africa

Presented by Candace Keller, Ph.D. Associate Professor of African Art in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design.

A special thank you to Rob Roznowski, Professor of Acting, Head of Acting and Directing, in the Department of Theatre for his leadership in this event.