Please read below for enrollment frequently asked questions (and answers!) for academic year 2022-2023. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Q:  When do I get to sign up for Summer, 2022 courses?
A:  Summer 2022 enrollment is currently open! You are welcome to enroll in courses, as needed and appropriate.

Q: When do I get to sign up for Fall 2022 courses?
A:  You can view your ‘enrollment appointment’ (the date/time the system allows you to enroll, not a time you must meet with an advisor) in the Student Information System. To view your enrollment appointment information, log into the Student Information System (SIS) at and select the “Classes” tile. Information about your enrollment appointment can be viewed via the “Enrollment Dates” link in the left navigation. Please note, you cannot access enrollment until your assigned day/time. 

Q:  What does the “Appointment End” date mean?
A: Essentially, your appointment begin and end date is the time in which you are able to enroll before some other MSU students. After the end date, class enrollment is open to the public (that is, other people (typically non-MSU students) interested in MSU courses have the chance to enroll). After this date, up through the start of classes in the fall, you continue to be eligible to enroll and make schedule changes.

Q: What is the Shopping Cart and why should I use it?
A:  The shopping cart allows you to map out your planned schedule so you can see dates, times, class locations. You can plan so that you don’t have time conflicts with other courses or other life obligations. Note that putting a course in your shopping cart does NOT reserve your seat. When your enrollment appointment opens, you MUST go into the shopping cart to view these courses again and enroll.

Q:  What are seat reserves? What about the waitlist?
A: As you build your schedule, you might find that a course is noted as ‘open,’ but you aren’t able to enroll. This is because those remaining seats are reserved for a particular group of students. Often advisors will save seats in a given course for incoming students that are starting their MSU studies this summer/fall. You can view if a course has seat reserves by clicking on the class and then the ‘availability’ tab to view how many seats are open and how many are reserved. More information on Seat Reserves is noted below.

If you aren’t able to enroll in a course because of reserves or because the course is full, consider signing up for the waitlist. If a seat becomes available, you would be automatically enrolled in the course as long as there would be no time conflict in your schedule (that is, if you are enrolled in a course and on the waitlist for another course that happens at the same time/has a time overlap, you will NOT be enrolled in the waitlisted course).

Q:  When can I enroll in Spring 2023 courses?
A: Enrollment for Spring 2023 courses will open in late October/early November (enrollment appointments TBD, more information coming this fall).

Seat Reserve

While you are enrolling you may run into seat reserves. Below is some information about seat reserves.

What is a seat reserve?

Seats are held for students that are coming to New Student Orientation (NSO) or different identified groups

Where do I find seat reserves?

There are three places you will see if a class has seat reserves in place.

  1. On the main search list
  2. In the class information
  3. Under availability, in the class information – this shows you exactly how many seats are being saved for what group.

How does this impact me?

You may see that a class is open, however, it will not allow you to add to the course due to the seat reserve.

What do I do if I am trying to get into a class that is full due to seat reserves?

  • Sign up for the waitlist for that course.
  • In the availability section of the class information tells you when the reserve is over. On this date, if seats are open, the reserve is released and students on the waitlist are able to be added to the course.
  • Find a different course.