This award is open to current MSU faculty members who have a sustained record (generally 3+ years) of substantial teaching responsibilities (generally 1 class/semester) for Michigan State University and who have implemented creative and engaging ways that foster student learning.

Only one individual may receive this award, which is intended to be a surprise to the recipient.


The award is designed to recognize faculty who:

  • Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm for engaging students in their learning.
  • Inspire students in unique ways or challenges them in innovative ways.
  • Create in their students a sense of intellectual curiosity, exciting them about learning.
  • Nurture and empower students to enact change on their own and in the lives of others.
  • Extend learning in innovative ways beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.
  • Implemented learning outcomes assessment and exhibited a commitment to the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Have influenced others to enhance their teaching by sharing their knowledge.


There is no limit to the number of individuals who may be nominated from the College of Arts & Letters. This is the first step in initiating the nomination process for the President’s Distinguished Teaching Award.  The College of Arts & Letters Award Committee will review all submissions.  Once the nomination has been approved by the committee, you will then complete and assemble the nomination packet according to the All-University Awards requirements for the President’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

NOMINATOR STATEMENT (no more than 3 pages): Be certain to address nominee’s ability achieve the above criteria.

Click HERE to nominate.