Podcast: Generous Thinking in Higher Education

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The third episode of season three of The Liberal Arts Endeavor, a podcast by Michigan State University’s College of Arts & Letters, is out. In this episode, host Dean Christopher P. Long discusses generous thinking in higher education with Dr. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English. The idea of generous thinking emphasizes listening over speaking, community over individualism, and collaboration over competition.

Her book, titled Generous Thinking, was released this week. The book expands on the relationship between higher education institutions and the public and proposes ways to nurture this relationship. She encourages people to listen to and engage openly with one another’s concerns by reading and exploring ideas together, by creating collective projects focused around common interests, and by ensuring that higher education institutions are structured to support and promote work toward the public good.

Fitzpatrick is a leading expert in Digital Humanities. She co-founded the digital scholarly network, MediaCommons, where she led a number of experiments in open peer review and other innovations in scholarly publishing.

Find out more about Dr. Fitzpatrick on her website kfitz.info and follow her on Twitter @kfitz.