Nicole Morgenstern

Degree/Year: Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2015 
Company: Apollo English 
Position: English Teacher
City/State: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

woman wearing a white top and glasses standing in front of an Apollo Junior sign
Nicole Morgenstern in front of the Apollo Junior sign

As a teacher at Apollo Junior I can teach students from the ages of 4-16. I’m currently teaching 5 classes with students ranging in age from 4-9. My responsibilities include planning the lesson and then teaching the class.

Its an amazing experience to live and work in another country.

The great thing about studying Interdisciplinary Humanities is being able to focus your study on a wide range of disciplines. My concentrations are in history of art, global studies, and civil engineering and while none of this is related to teaching it gave me skills to be able to adjust and adapt what I learned for any situation. 

I think that if you even remotely are interested in teaching, interested in travel, or are interested in learning first hand about another culture than this would be a great opportunity for you. There are so many teaching opportunities that you can get a position very quick and its an amazing experience to live and work inanother country.