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At the College of Arts & Letters (CAL), we believe in the power of real-world experience and hands-on learning. Internships and experiential learning are important parts of undergraduate education, and elevate those that gain these experiences to the top of the job market.  We employ students from throughout the college in positions like Technology and Development, Graphic Design, Event Planning, Marketing, and Communications. We’re excited to introduce this year’s CAL interns, and welcome you to begin your search for your own internship opportunity here. 

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You’ll become more attractive to employers with ‘real-world’ experience.

Enhance your academic experience and performance through professional engagement.

Learn the value of networking with faculty, staff and students across the university.

Build your resume for future employment opportunities. 

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Communications & Social Media
Experience Architecture Major

My favorite part of CAL is being surrounded by people who are so similar to me in their passion for the arts and Michigan State.”

You don’t have to stick to one thing for the rest of your life. Take the time to explore, dabble in everything, and find what you really enjoy.

I can touch my tongue to my nose.

Dantonio’s Double Fudge Fake

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Accessibility/Usability Specialist
Experience Architecture Major 

“I love working with the faculty here at CAL and all the experience this job has given me.” 

I have learned a lot about accessibility and what it means to make education accessible to all.

I am able to ride a horse surprisingly well. I have grown up owning horses and learned to ride when I was little.

Gopher Smore

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Graphic Design
Graphic Design Major 

“CAL has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare for life after graduation. ” 

I learned what a Danish is. Really, I had no idea what they were until I came here. Every day, I learn something new. Whether it be a tool in Photoshop or the differences between weights of paper.

I know every word to every song in the movie Frozen.

Buckeye Blitz

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Web Developer
Computer Science Major

“I like the projects that I get put on, whether it’s developing something for a CAL website or implementing something new.” 

I learned a lot about how to critically think for myself. A lot of the things I work on/with I’ve never even seen before.

I really don’t like when things aren’t in order.

Nittany White Out

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Communications & Social Media
Professional Writing Major

“I love being able to hear about all the cool things CAL students, faculty and alumni are doing, and spread the word to other Spartans.” 

I’ve learned so much about marketing, branding, and breaking into new platforms. Follow us on Snapchat!

I was born on February 29th and it’s almost my 5th birthday!

Buckeye Blitz

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Innovation Team Lead
Experience Architecture Major 

“I really love that through teamwork, opportunities are opened for interns to achieve personal advancement as well as professional advancement.” 

I’ve learned how to think creatively to solve problems and gained real-world experience with humanities development projects.

I recently starting biking as an exercise and in the past two weeks, I’ve logged over 100 miles.


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Computer Technology
Computer Science Major 

“I love the environment here. Everyone is awesome, relaxed and always super friendly.” 

I learned that no office can be complete without a Keurig.

I was born almost dead, with an apgar score of 0.

Mint Chocolate Chunk

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Web Developer
Experience Architecture Major 

“I love being able to tackle lots of different projects and gain experience with all types of technology and people.”  

I have learned to code in various languages, improve my group communication skills, and engage with clients.

I have an addiction to sugar and frequently wear mismatched socks.

Buckeye Blitz

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Lead Student Developer
Experience Architecture Major 

” I get to work with the latest technologies and use them to make innovative projects that help the college and local community. ” 

I have learned many computer languages, as well as project management and networking skills.

I only started learning computer languages a little over a year ago. 

Cookies and Cream

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Educational Technology
Professional Writing 
& Journalism Major

“Everyone is so awesome and it feels like a family every time I walk in.” 

I’m learning code and working with help desk tickets and above all, I’ve learned how to function in a professional work environment.

I make/give food to people…everyone. Co-workers, friends, family, etc. It’s my way of showing that I care about you.

Sesquicentennial Swirl

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Web Developer
Computer Science Major

“There’s lots of cool projects to work on and tools to develop with here.”

I have learned many developer and team-building skills.

I’m a black belt in taekwondo, and I enjoy martial arts.

Just can’t choose.

portrait of a smiling woman with long hair and is wearing a sweater


Graphic Design
Graphic Design &
Packaging Major 

“I love being able to learn more about design and collaborating with other interns across different fields of expertise.” 

I have learned so many new skills within the design programs, as well as how to work more efficiently and design for clients.

I like macaroni and cheese. A lot.

Buckeye Blitz

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Events Managment
Arts and Humanities Major 

“Interning at CAL allows you to work with a wide range of people while gaining varying perspectives and skills relating to the arts and humanities.” 

I’ve had the opportunity to learn about project management, marketing methods, and event planning.

I have a twin brother, who is also in the College of Arts & Letters. 

Purdue Tracks

Spartan Helmet

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