Five Faculty Promoted to Full Professor

Beaumont Tower

This year, the College of Arts & Letters promoted five faculty members to Full Professor with tenure, including Kirk Domer, Bill Hart-Davidson, Alisa Henriquez, Shawn Loewen, and Rob Roznowski. These faculty members were recognized during the University Promotion and Tenure Ceremony that was held November 14 at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

Kirk Domer: man with glasses

Kirk Domer
Department of Theatre

As a profound theatrical scene designer, Kirk Domer’s work can be seen on stages throughout the country, and often he brings students along as assistant designers, giving them valuable experience. Back at MSU, Domer is the Chairperson of the Department of Theatre and has overseen nearly $25 million in new state-of-the-art construction and renovations and the launch of new academic programs. Under his leadership, the Department of Theatre has been redesigned, renovated, and reinvigorated, enriching the quality of life for our students and community in the performance arts. He has received numerous teaching and leadership awards, and in 2015 was accepted into the United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829, a professional association of Artists and Designers.

Bill Hart-Davidson: man with glasses

Bill Hart-Davidson
Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures

A leading figure in the field of Rhetoric and Writing, Bill Hart-Davidson is an inventor of innovative digital software that is helping people become better writers and communicators around the world. At the College of Arts & Letters, he is the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education and a co-founder and Senior Researcher in the Writing in Digital Environments Research Center. He was named a Fellow of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW) in 2015.

Alisa Henriquez: woman with glasses and brown hair

Alisa Henriquez
Department of Art, Art History, and Design

Alisa Henriquez’s paintings and mixed media art act as commentary, addressing socially constructed ideals of beauty while exploring history, belief, and notions of self. This creative work has inspired and been seen by hundreds of people throughout the United States and Canada, appearing in more than 75 exhibitions. When her artwork appeared at the A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, it was listed among three can’t miss Latino art exhibits in New York City. Her art also was the subject of a review in Border Crossings, a magazine that features Canadian and international art, in an issue that was dedicated to leading female artists working today.

Shawn Loewen: a man with long white curly hair

Shawn Loewen
Department of Linguistics, Germanic, Slavic, Asian, and African Languages

Shawn Loewen is a leader in second language acquisition research methods and in statistical analysis applied to second language data. His book on Instructed Second Language Acquisition is an invaluable resource to both researchers and teachers. His current investigations of effective language instructions is becoming “the source” for scholars in this area of research. Recently, he was named Associate Editor of The Modern Language Journal.

Rob Roznowski: a man with glasses

Rob Roznowski
Department of Theatre
An award-winning actor, author, director, educator, and playwright, Rob Roznowski is a current Lilly fellow and a recent Fulbright Scholar in Greece. He serves as Head of Acting and Directing in the Department of Theatre and is the Artistic Director for the Department of Theatre and MSU’s professional Summer Circle Theatre. Among his many teaching and leadership awards, he is a recipient of the Michigan Association of State Universities Professor of the Year.

Congratulations to all those who have been recently promoted to Full Professor!