Fiction Filmmaking Capstone Class Premieres ‘Dead Ends’

Man (left) wears a black beanie and black sweatshirt and has a bandaid on his face. Next to him sits a woman with blonde hair, purple bags under her eyes, and a gash on her forehead. She is wearing a green sweater. The two sit in a movie theatre.

Students in the capstone classes of the Fiction Filmmaking minor hosted the premiere of their year-long projectDead Ends, on April 12 at Wells Hall. Led by Department of English Professor Jeff Wray and Department of Media and Information Professor Rola Nashef, this year’s capstone courses, FLM 435A and FLM435B (Creating Fiction Film I and II), offered 21 students the opportunity to participate in intensive planning, production, and distribution of an originally conceptualized screenplay.

Over the course of two semesters, the students worked on filmmaking procedures, such as writing a script, managing a cast and crew, editing footage and audio, creating special effects, marketing, and curating a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Photo of a group of 20 people lined up in three rows taking a picture on a red carpet in front of a brown brick wall and a green tarp that says "Dead Ends" on it and a white spartan head
Students in the capstone classes of the Fiction Filmmaking minor at the premiere of “Dead Ends” on April 12 at Wells Hall

“The fact that I’m able to graduate having produced a 30-minute short film was what I enjoyed most about the class,” said Mallory Maxton, senior Media and Information major with a minor in Fiction Film. “I learned that going with the flow is an invaluable skill in filmmaking.”

Dead Ends follows the journey of a young professional, Melanie, through purgatory after her untimely death. Throughout the 30-minute film, Melanie must decide between staying in limbo or traveling into the unknown with the help of purgatory’s guide, called Z.

Graphic of 'Dead Ends' navy blue poster. A man (left) and a woman (right) sit across from each other on a school bus.
‘Dead Ends’

An additional screening of Dead Ends will take place Friday, April 26, at 7 p.m. at Blue Owl Coffee, 1149 S Washington Ave. in Lansing. For more information on the film or ticket sales, visit the film’s websiteTwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

Written by Annie Dubois