Faculty Conversations: Laura Cloud

Laura Cloud, professor of studio art, was always called the artist of her family.

Although she did not initially study visual arts in college, she said she found her way back by eventually taking more art classes.

Cloud has been an MSU professor of studio art with a specialty in sculpture since 1993.

Her artwork, called “Sky Impressions,” was recently shown at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum. She started to create the art in 2001 after receiving an invitation to visit Japan and show her work there.

“I was trying to figure out how to communicate with the culture that I knew only from textbooks,” Cloud said. “I ended up focusing on the sky because everyone has a relationship with the sky.”

Cloud said her favorite part about teaching is the students.

“I teach all levels, from freshmen to graduate students, and they all are very excited about what they are doing,” Cloud said. “I get sad sometimes when a semester ends, but then I also have a new group to teach.”