Emily Snoek

Degree/Year: Women’s & Gender Studies, 2013
Company: Mathematica Policy Research
Position: Program Analyst
City/State: Washington, D.C.

Emily Snoek in front of Mathematica Policy Research sign

I work on human services projects in Mathematica’s data analytics division as a Program Analyst. I work on several projects at a time in a number of different roles. I manage the budget, staff and schedule of projects. I oversee technical support we provide to grantees, and I participate in data collection activities like surveys and site visits. I love many things about my job, two of which are being busy with a number of different activities at any given time and working with people all across our company.

I double-majored in Women’s & Gender Studies (CAL) and Social Relations & Policy (JMC). Having training in both these areas prepared me perfectly for the role I’m doing now at Mathematica. I am able to think critically and put myself in others’ shoes to ensure the work we’re doing to promote the public good is held to the most rigorous standards and is of the highest quality. I see the relevance of my gender studies background within all the policy areas I work on.

Happy people make good employees.

Make good friends and don’t be afraid to express your doubts, fears and insecurities to them. They are the ones who will listen to you process through your thoughts on the day-to-day of your job and can reflect back to you when it’s time to look for a new one or when you’re being under appreciated. And you can do the exact same thing for them. I would take a strong circle of friends over a large network of connections any day. I highly encourage others to make sure they don’t view “networking” as a replacement for making genuine and quality
connections with people who will support and love them outside
of their successes and failures. Happy people make good employees.