Ellen Moll Named Assistant Director of CISAH

Academic Specialist Ellen Moll has been named Assistant Director of the Center of Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities (CISAH/IAH), effective July 1, 2019. 

Moll has served as an Academic Specialist in Teaching and Curriculum Development with IAH since July 2014. Her curriculum development interests include interdisciplinary and integrative pedagogy, faculty development, online pedagogy, general education, diversity in the curriculum, and community-based learning. Her courses include “Gender, Race, Technology, and Science,” “Global and Multicultural Identities in Contemporary Literature and Film,” and “Remix and Transmedia Narratives” among others. Her newest addition starts this fall with UGS101, Section 308 “Living in a World of Big Data.”

“IAH has so many amazing faculty and staff and offers a huge variety of innovative, interdisciplinary courses,” Moll said. “I’m thrilled to continue working with IAH faculty, staff, and students in this new capacity.”

woman with wavy brown hair who is standing outside and smiling to the camera
Dr. Ellen Moll

Moll has both a Ph.D. and M.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Maryland. She received a B.A. in English and a B.S. in Mathematics, both from Michigan State University. Her teaching and research interests include feminist technoscience, theories of interdisciplinarity, contemporary drama, social media analysis, and digital humanities. She was a 2018 Lilly Fellow, which provides fellows with an opportunity to engage in a year-long exploration of the robust scholarship on effective practices in University teaching. 

As the Assistant Director of CISAH, Moll will assist Cara Cilano, the incoming Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education who oversees CISAH. Moll will help facilitate teaching and learning best practices among IAH faculty, including accessibility and inclusive curriculum and teaching. She will oversee the fall, spring, and summer schedules to ensure that there are enough sections, seats, and adequate distribution of IAH courses. She also will address student affairs issues that pertain to IAH.

IAH helps students become more familiar with ways of knowing in the arts and humanities and to be more knowledgeable and capable in a range of intellectual and expressive abilities. Through an interdisciplinary focus, IAH courses encourage students to engage critically with their own society, history, and culture(s) and encourage students to learn more about the history and culture of other societies.