Eight Students Take Home 15 Awards at 2018 ADDY Ceremony

graphic for the ADDY awards

At the 2018 Mid-Michigan American Advertising (ADDY) Awards, eight Department of Art, Art History and Design students received awards for their work in various mediums. One Judge’s Choice award as well as three Gold, seven Silver, and four Bronze ADDYs were awarded to the students on March 14 at MSU’s Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

In the professional competition, MSU’s College of Arts & Letters won two Silver ADDYs, one for the Behind the Will video series and the other for the First Day at MSU – Welcome Home video.

image of nine students at the award ceremony
Student winners at the American Advertising (ADDY) Awards

Hosted by the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance, the local American Advertising Federation (AAF) chapter, the ADDY Awards allow professionals and students to show off their work and compete in their respective categories. Each submission was judged by a panel of three judges: Lisa Bright, Executive Creative Director for FCB Chicago; Lewis Williams, Chief Creative Officer for Burrell Communications; and Michael McCaughley, Lead Designer for OCD.

Graphic Design major Erica Olivarez won a Judge’s Choice award and a Gold ADDY for her book design for the book she wrote, titled It’s Political

image of erica's book, "it's political"
Erica Olivarez’s winning piece

“I designed and wrote a book in my Design and Social Activism class that talks about my personal journey with being an activist. I include my own thoughts in relation with snippets of articles and documentaries from the class that talked about being politically active and conscious of your decisions,” Olivarez said. “The book consists of three main sections from why you should care about social injustice issues, what to do when you care about them, and then it goes on to question if we can truly make a difference by caring about these issues. I wanted to write and design a book that would engage the reader and make them question their own beliefs and morals.”

image of woman with brown hair and brown eyes holding her two awards
Erica Olivarez with her Gold ADDY and Judge’s Choice award.

A Gold ADDY is the highest an entry can win in a category and a Judge’s Choice is one of the highest awards an entry can receive all around with only three being awarded, one from each judge. 

“Winning Gold and a Judge’s Choice award means the world me,” Olivarez said. “It reassures me that all the time and effort I’ve put into school is worth it. It’s also amazing to win for this specific piece because this piece is so personal to me. It shows that my thoughts and ideas are of value. I’m also happy that this piece stuck out to the judges because one goal of this piece was to grab people’s attention and get them thinking. Professionally, it will definitely look good on my resume and hopefully help me land a job I truly care about in my future.”

art work on a table
Student work on display at the ADDY award ceremony.

The following is a complete list of all the student award winners from MSU’s Department of Art, Art History, and Design:

Judges’ Choice Award

  • Erica Olivarez, senior, It’s Political — Book Design, Sales & Marketing


  • Kelly Doctor, senior, Confront — Book Design, Sales & Marketing
  • Erica Olivarez, senior, It’s Political — Book Design, Sales & Marketing
  • Rose Deneau, senior, UPPSALA — Packaging, Sales & Marketing

Silver ADDY

  • Larissa Moyer, senior, Flawed — Publication Design – Cover, Sales & Marketing
  • Larissa Moyer, senior, Flawed —Book Design, Sales & Marketing
  • Rose Deneau, senior, El Museo del Norte — Poster, Print Advertisement
  • Christopher Brown, junior, Dogleg: Remember Alderaan —  Poster, Print Advertisement
  • Danielle Pasco, senior, CALC Outreach Poster —  Poster, Print Advertisement
  • Ryann Davis, senior, Ignite — Book Design, Sales & Marketing
  • Ryann Davis, senior, MSU Library Bridge Design — Guerilla Marketing, Installations and Events, Single Occurrence or Installation; Out-of-Home & Ambient Media

Bronze ADDY

  • Rose Deneau, senior, A Matter of Opinion — Book Design, Sales & Marketing
  • Kelly Doctor, senior, R. Mutt 1917 — Book Design, Sales & Marketing
  • Colleen McClelland, senior, Tadao Ando Architectural Poster — Poster, Out-of-Home & Ambient Media
  • Danielle Pasco, senior, Hippo Milk is Pink —  Guerilla Marketing, Installations and Events, Single Occurrence or Installation; Out-of-Home & Ambient Media