AL491: Muslims and the Cultures of U.S. Politics

middle eastern architecture


Providing students with an opportuinity to discuss current events related to muslims and U.S. politics, this course focuses on the ways Muslims and Islam have become a central topic in political debates among liberals and conservatives. It will offer a general introduction to (1) the Islam religion and core beliefs and practices that define Muslim communities; (2) a history of Muslims in U.S. politics from debates about whether a Muslim could be president to banning Muslim immagrants from the U.S.; and (3) the ways Muslims participate in U.S. public affairs.

The course will run on Wednesdays 9/21/16 to 12/7/16 from 4:10-5:30PM in A220 Wells Hall. All students are welcome to enroll, contact Rhonda Hibbitt at 517-355-0366 or email ( to register.

flyer for AL491 Muslims and the Cultures of US Politics class