2022 Seniors Thank Faculty and Staff for Their Spartan Journey

Commencement is a time for celebration and recognition. This year, the College of Arts & Letters Undergraduate Studies Office asked our 2022 graduating seniors to share the names of those faculty and staff who have contributed positively to their undergraduate careers in the College. The Class of 2022 graduates responded by naming more than 100 College faculty and staff. 

Some students responded with exuberant punctuation, such as a 2022 Film Studies graduate who wrote, “Rick Blackwood!!!” Some offered additional commentary, such as a Public and Professional Writing graduate who shared, “Casey Miles was an excellent advisor and professor. I absolutely loved talking with her.” A Women’s and Gender Studies graduate recognized Patrick Arnold as “…the most incredible person they have ever met.”

Thank you to the College of Arts & Letters faculty, staff, and everyone whose work, dedication, and care makes a difference in our Spartan lives. Below you will find the full list of College faculty and staff recognized for their significant contributions by our Class of 2022 graduates. 

Gabriela Alfaraz
Patrick Arnold
Safoi Babana-Hampton
Tom Berding
Kate Birdsall
Alexis Black
Rick Blackwood
Christina Boyles
Rebecca Casement
Candice Chovanec
Rebecca Cifaldi
Ryan Claytor
Pablo Contreas
Shelia Contreras
Chris Corneal
LaDonna Croffe
d’Ann de Simone
Valentina Denzel
Kirk Domer
Teresa Dunn
Philip Effiong
Jon Frey
Chris Frilingos
Jennifer Gansler
Xia Gao
Parisa Ghaderi
Megan Giddings
Peter Glendinning
David Godden
Kiana Gonzalez-Cedeno
John Grey
Masumi Hamada
Xuefei Hao
Maggie Harris
Todd Hedrick
Mary Beth Heeder
Sara Hendrickson
Alisa Henriquez
Erica Hooker
Gary Hoppenstand
Kathryn Houghton
Ho-Hsin Huang
Sadam Issa
Zach Kaiser
Karen Kangas-Preston
Emily Katz
Yore Kedem
Ryan Kilcoyne
Paul Kotula
Jeff Kuure
Josh Lam
Amy Lampe
Ben Lauren
Jae Won Lee
Xiaoshi Li
Kelly Salchow MacArthur
Hui-Ling Malone
Jason Mask

Casey McArdle
Ellen McCallum
Nicole McCleese
John McClendon
Michael McCune
Matt McKeon
Deric McNish
Dave Medei
Jason Merrill
Kurt Milberger
Casey Miles
Elizabeth Mittman
Ayman Mohamed
Victoria Morris
Margaret Morris
Andrew Murray
Tina Newhauser
Dionne O’Dell
Saetbyul Park
Leonora Paula
Dan Paz
Walt Peebles
Emery Petchauer
Natalie Phillips
Liza Potts
Stephen Rachman
Michael Ristich
Rob Roznowski
Catherine Ryu
Nick Sanders
Rebecca Schuiling
Johanna Schuster-Craig
Lisa Schwartzman
Ranae Selmeyer
Morgan Shipley
Robin Silbergleid
Laura Smith
Kiyotaka Suga
Rebecca Tegtmeyer
Daniel Trego
Elizabeth Tuttle
Benjamin Van Dyke
Bill Vincent
Anne Violin-Wegent
Suzanne Wagner
Cindy Walter
Ryan Welsh
Angela Wendelberger
Dave Wendelberger
Jena Whitaker
Ann Folino White
Brad Willcuts
Blake Williams
Theresa Winge
Lynn Wolff
Aurora Wolfgang
Josh Yumibe
Wenying Zhou