The award is named in honor of Jo-Ann Vanden Bergh, who served the College of Arts & Letters for more than 25 years in various staff positions. You now have the opportunity to nominate a staff member within the College who exemplifies the qualities displayed by Jo-Ann Vanden Bergh, and whose attainment of excellence deserves this special recognition. 

While serving as a support staff member for the College of Arts & Letters, Jo-Ann modeled the culture of care, treating all students, staff, and faculty with dignity, respect, and integrity. She valued collaboration and was known for her dedication to the College community and her exemplary work performance. 

The award recipient will receive a $1,000 award and be recognized with a citation and an award plaque.


The nominee must be a CAL support staff member with a minimum of five years in the College of Arts & Letters by nomination due date (does not have to be consecutive service). 

Eligibility is limited to every five years. 

Nominations and letters of support are encouraged from students, staff, and faculty from across campus who have direct knowledge and experience interacting with the nominee. 


  • Creative staff leader dedicated to problem-solving and fostering high-quality work.
  • Treats others with dignity, respect, and integrity.
  • Promotes teamwork that enhances effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Evidence of superior work performance.


Complete the NOMINATION FORM. Along with the nomination form, please upload the nomination letter and 2 to 4 letters of support – 2 pages or less. Group letters are welcomed and count as 1 letter of support. For assistance or questions regarding the form or process, please contact Melissa Staub. 


The nominee must meet the eligibility requirements. Each nomination will be rated by a committee of five using a rubric based on the award criteria. Nomination and supporting letters will have names, titles, and departments redacted to avoid unintended bias or preferential scoring. Distinctive achievement in each category of the award will constitute the strongest case for selection. The committee will be cognizant, however, of particularly outstanding achievement in any one area. The finalist will be submitted to the Dean of the College of Arts & Letters for final approval. 



2012 – Anna Davis
2013 – Dawn Lehman
2014 – Judy Easterbrook
2015 – Viki Gietzel
2016 – Stacy Greisinger
2017 – Walter Peebles
2018 – Michele Burton
2019 – Ryan Kilcoyne
2020 – Leann Dalimonte
2021 – Melissa Arthurton
2022 – Carly Ensign
2023 – Melissa Staub