The Pandemic 

As we continue to navigate our way through the challenges of the pandemic, it is important to keep our priorities of health, safety and support for student success as we make decisions this semester. Faculty and staff are committed to providing the same level of support regardless of whether they are working remotely or on campus. To facilitate this, the following guidelines are recommended. 

  • Please work with your unit leader to determine the work arrangement that will most effectively support the educational mission of the College and the University. 
  • Our focus is to provide the students with as vibrant and meaningful and on-campus experience as possible. 
  • All members of our community must follow the vaccine and mask requirements as outlined by the University on the Together We Will website.  
  • Masks must be worn when in an office, meeting room, or open interior office space on campus where others are present.  

Return to Campus 

As we reconvene on campus, we encourage the following protocols: 

  • Unless meetings require in-person student participation, online meetings are appropriate. 
  • Meetings not involving students (e.g., faculty to faculty, faculty to staff, staff to staff) – Online meetings are appropriate. 
  • Some student needs may be met via remote options (e.g., video conference, Zoom, email, MS-Teams chat). 
  • In-person meetings should include remote access for those not willing or able to attend in person. 
  • Meeting host is responsible for coordinating remote participant access. 
  • If food is being provided for an event, or meeting, box lunches are highly recommended to reduce the risk associated with virus transmission and to facilitate setup and clean up. 
  • To reduce the number of individuals involved with event support, the event host is responsible for food pickup, room access, room preparation, and food disposal.   
  • Office operations staff are available to order and pay for food from pre-approved vendors. 
  • If food is provided, including beverages, they should be consumed while seated—not walking around—and masks should be pulled on between sips and bites. 

Pandemic Etiquette Suggestions 

  • Set up meeting times or message the other person to see if they are available before physically dropping-in or virtually cold calling them. 
  • Even if an in-person meeting is scheduled, knock before entering an office to give the other person an opportunity to put on their mask. 
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs. 
  • Use your own supplies (pens, stapler, tape, etc.), don’t use items from someone else’s desk. 
  • Don’t come to campus if you are sick.