The College of Arts & Letters 2021 Faculty Leadership Award is funded through an endowment created by former CAL Dean Karin Wurst and the Associate Deans. It is designed to reward faculty who demonstrate outstanding leadership and seeks to recognize, honor, and reward the kind of faculty leaders who go beyond the performance of routine tasks, are generous in sharing insights, and provide the hard work and mentoring that creates vision and excellence in programs and departments.

The amount of the award is $1,000.


Recipients of the award will be faculty members who:

(a) initiate innovative and effective curricular decisions;

(b) produce high quality work for the good of the department;

(c) demonstrate the will to effect change for the better;

(d) welcome invitations for collaboration and join deliberation;

(e) serve as facilitators in active and deliberate problem-solving;

(f) set goals for the program;

(g) strive for creating consensus around issues;

(h) engage in creative redesign;

(i) give voice to a sense of a shared future;


Department chairs are asked to nominate by submitting a letter addressing the nominee’s leadership qualities and significant contributions to the department, college and university that make the individual a strong candidate for this award.

  • Chair’s nomination letter (2 pages or less)
  • One additional letter of support (2 pages or less)
  • The nominee’s two-page CV

A committee of faculty members will recommend three candidates to the Dean, who, in turn, makes recommendations to the Provost or the Provost’s designee for approval.

DEADLINE: April 15