Peter Martino

Degree/Year: Theatre, 2013
Company: Vincent Lighting Systems
Position: Production Specialist
City/State: Cincinnati, Kentucky

Peter Martino at a lighting control panel
Peter Martino

Work hard, but don’t forget
to enjoy your time.

My role as a Production Specialist with Vincent Lighting Systems is to work with clients and create a memorable event. I work on the production side of the company, which is my area of expertise.
I insure that events are installed, run and then are taken down properly and safely. It is my responsibility to engineer the electrical and mechanical systems so that I am within the guidelines and specifications for a safe event. 

My time in the Theatre department prepared me in so many ways. One of the most important lessons I learned was time management. I learned
a lot about myself and how to always strive for your best effort. 

My advice is take advantage of your time at Michigan State. There are so many great opportunities with a wide variety of people. You will make connections with fellow students and professors that I hope can last a very long time. Work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy your time.