Community Vote to Determine Final ‘Who Is a Citizen?’ Prize

Supporting the voices of emerging artists has never been more important. The MSU Broad and the College of Arts & Letters are honored to have been able to do this work through the Who Is A Citizen? exhibition, which runs through March 21, 2021, at the MSU Broad Art Lab. The public is now invited to help support these emerging artists as we celebrate the final weeks of this incisive exploration of citizenship in our communities. 

As part of the Who is a Citizen? Competition, a community vote will determine which artist receives an additional award of $500 funded by the College of Arts & Letters.

We invite you to select an artwork from the winners of the Who is a Citizen? Competition that had the greatest impact on you and cast your vote HERE. Your selection will determine the recipient of this additional award.

The voting period runs from February 18 to March 21, 2021.

poster graphic of who is a citizen winners

The Who Is a Citizen? Competition, held last year, called upon MSU students to submit literary or video creations exploring evolving notions of citizenship in the United States by asking them to respond to the question, “Who Is a Citizen?”

The works submitted focused on themes such as racial differences and prejudice, nationhood and personhood, interpersonal and systemic racialized violence, marginalized identities and experiences, migration and conflicted borders, and historical trauma.

The contest was held in conjunction with the John Lucas and Claudia Rankine: Situations exhibition that was on display at the MSU Broad last year and which marked the first time since 2008 that the entire series of Situation videos were presented in a solo exhibition. 

Each of the contest winners were awarded a $500 prize and the winning projects are now displayed at the Broad Art Lab. Contest winners also attended a Masterclass, where Rankine and Lucas analyzed the winning works and facilitated an open discussion with the contest winners. 

The Who Is a Citizen? contest was made possible by an MSU College of Arts & Letters Engaged Pedagogy Grant, awarded to the Departments of English, Film Studies, Creative Writing, and the MSU Broad. The Who Is a Citizen? exhibition at the Broad Art Lab was supported by the Alan and Rebecca Ross endowed exhibitions fund.

All the work from the Who Is a Citizen? Competition can be viewed on the MSU Broad website. Please cast your vote by March 21, 2021.