Comic Art and Graphic Novel Podcast Returns for a Second Year

graphic illustration for the comic art and graphic novel podcast

The Michigan State University Comic Art and Graphic Novel Podcast is returning for its second year. The podcast is an interview program hosted by Art, Art History, and Design Assistant Professor and the owner, author, and artist of Elephant Eater Comics, Ryan Claytor.

Each podcast will begin with updates on various comics-related events around MSU followed by a brief discussion with Michigan State University Special Collections Comics Bibliographer Randy Scott, who will highlight different selections from the Special Collections Library based on age, rarity, significance, or oddity.

“Scott has built something we are very proud of at MSU, the largest public collection of comics in the world,” Claytor said. “This collection is located in the Michigan State University library and is accessible to students and the general public; in fact, many scholars from around the globe come to East Lansing to see it.”

The final segment of the podcast introduces the headliner. These guests, all professional award-winning cartoonists, are often keynote speakers for the MSU Comics Forum, which is held each year during the spring semester.

“During these interviews, we’ll take a deep dive into the creator’s artistic history, get uniquely personal descriptions of their working process, and discuss their past, present, and future work,” Claytor said.

Season 2 of the MSU Comic Art and Graphic Novel Podcast will have nine episodes with new podcasts airing at the beginning of each month. The first episode aired on September 1.

Aditionally, the podcast is currently nominated for The 12th Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the education category. The Annual People’s Choice Podcast Awards is the leading podcast awards event that allows fans to nominate their favorite participating shows. Winners will be announced on September 30.