These awards recognize teachers who take pride in and are committed to quality undergraduate teaching and who demonstrate substantial continuing involvement in undergraduate education. Nominations are based on a commitment to and evidence of outstanding UNDERGRADUATE teaching including, but not limited to, 100- and 200-level courses. Nominees should demonstrate a combination of talent, creativity and enthusiasm for teaching reflected in their teaching style and student interactions. All current fixed term and tenure system faculty with at least three years of teaching experience at Michigan State University are eligible for nomination.


Awards will be granted according to the following criteria (not in order of importance):

  • Passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter/area of study
  • Concern for students, in and out of the classroom, including as individuals who deserve acknowledgment and respect
  • Appreciation of national and international diversity
  • Provision for student participation to ensure active involvement in the learning process and to maximize active learning
  • Demonstration of well-developed, organized, and sequenced instruction which explains major course concepts
  • Encouragement of critical analysis, problem-solving, and divergent points of view
  • Promotion of writing and communication skills as part of the instruction
  • Prompt feedback on coursework and projects
  • Linkage with other disciplines
  • Incorporation of research in the discipline and in teaching


There is a limit 2 individuals who may be nominated from the College of Arts & Letters. This is the first step in initiating the nomination process for the Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Award.  The College of Arts & Letters Award Committee will review all submissions.  Once the nomination has been approved by the committee, you will then complete and assemble the nomination packet according to the All-University Awards requirements for the Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Award.

NOMINATOR STATEMENT (no more than 5 pages): Be certain to address all of the above criteria regarding the nominee.

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