Started in 1984, the MSU College of Arts & Letters Distinguished Alumni Award is given out every year to those individuals who have differentiated themselves by achieving the highest level of professional and personal accomplishments. Those recipients posses the utmost integrity and character to positively reflect and enhance the prestige of MSU. Those recipients are engaged in improving the community, the state, the nation, and/or the world and personally engaged in helping others through various efforts.  Those past award winners are listed below.

YearAlumniDegree and Graduation Year
2017Dr. Thomas YunckMSU Supporter
2016W. Scott Lovejoy, IIIEnglish ‘68
2015Martha Mayhood MertzWomen’s Studies ‘01
2014Micheline A. MaynardHumanities Prelaw ’78
2013Michael Price
Kristin Clark Taylor
Kelly Willis
Justin Kuxhaus
TV & Radio ’60
English ’82
French ’92; MBA ’99
Intl Rel /German /Honors ’05
2012Selma HollanderBA Art Practice ’62
MA Art Practice ’65
2011Karen L. GillmorJustin Morrill College, ’69
2010Nancy HaleyArt Practice, ’72
2009Wolfgang MiederGerman, ’70
2008Lawrence MawbyEnglish, ’72
2007Julee A. RossoHistory, ’66
2006David S. MageeTheatre, ’84
2005William F. StansellMusic, ’54
2004Andrea L. Van de KampHistory, ’66
2003Julie A. Aigner-ClarkEnglish, ’88
2002David W. MatersSpanish, ’72
2001Ruth J. CharlesMusic, ’47
2000John T. HoudekHistory, ’55
1999James T. HarrisonEnglish, ’60
1998James H. QuelloArts & Letters ’35
1997Patricia GeogheganHistory, ’69
1996Richard C. FordEnglish, ’66
1995William D. BrohnHumanities, ’55
1994Brig. General James D. HittleHistory, ’37
1994Thomas C. GaleArt Practice, ’66
1991Joseph P. FlanaganHistory, ’59
1990Italo P. B. ScangaArt Practice, ’60
1987James W. CashEnglish, ’70
1985Davidson L. HepburnSpanish, ’61
1984Charles F. EngelPhilosophy ’62